Sunday, April 1, 2012

Just when it couldn't get busier !!!

MARCH 20th,2012

I'll start by writing about the craziest thing that happened this week... it all started Saturday night. We had a ward party and left late and my bike had a flat tire so we had to walk home which took about 45 mins. All in all we got home at 10:30. When we get in past 10 we have to call president Wolfgramm. So I called him and he understood the situation. In fact he told me that he had talked to my branch president that night. Apparently my branch president called president Wolfgramm asking about the rules of asking a missionary to hold a church young men's president. President Wolfdramm said that it has been done but that the missionaries in his ward are the zone leaders and he wouldn't do that to us because of our other responsibilities. Anyways when I was talking to president Wolfgramm he had just remembered that it was me that was YM pres in Mantova and he wanted me to talk to my branch president at church explaining how it went in mantova and all that. So the next day I did and my branch president was so excited he asked me if I could ask president Wolfgramm if I could become the new ym's president. So I called president Wolfgramm explaining that I would be able to handle the responsibilities and that it would help with the work and we would just explode Firenze. He said..."well I wasn't going to allow it but if you say you can do it then do it".  So I called the branch president and told him that I'm the man for the job and now I'm going to be the new young men's president in Firenze and anziano Weller will be my 1st counsellor. I'm really excited to be able to work with the youth and reactivate and baptize :) I'm sure it will be challenging at times but I like the challenge and I know it will get busy but the Lord will bless us and as we organize our time well we will see blessings. Also our branch is way bigger then what it was in Mantova. It would be a ward but we are in a district here in Toscana. We are about 65 or 70 at church on Sundays. There must be something 6 active youth, I don't really know them since I've only been here 3 weeks :P haha but the Lord always has a plan.

Our investigators are doing good, we have 5 baptismal dates we have:

MICHELE-his date is for the 7th of April. He is still progressing very well. he still suffers with depression and is very unsure of himself which causes him to be unsure about alot of things like baptism. But he keeps saying that he feels good when he meets with us and comes to church but it goes away when he's at home. We have been teaching him more about the spirit and how he will feel good all the time even at home when he is baptized and has the gift of the holy ghost :)

XIOMARA- we fasted again for her, she is doing great. She just has the biggest desire to get baptized, its just her parents won't let her. We will continue to work with her, she has a date for the 7th of April also.

STEFANO & CATIA- they are a couple that were investigating and just started again. We had lost contact with them but got it back. They are sooo awesome, we had such a powerful lesson. Catia said " I know that my old church  isn't true and I want to know what is true". So we invited them both to find if our church is true. And if it is  true would they be baptized and they said yes and they agreed to work for the 14th of April. They are so legit and love coming to church, the problem we will have to face with them is that they are not married but live together. We will try to get them to either get married or not live together. Pray for them.

JOSEPH- he is a man from Guana and comes to church every week without fail. We can just never meet with him and he is always "busy" he comes to church every week and he knows this is true. But before he gets baptized he wants the missionaries to find his wife in Guana but he also agreed for the 14th of april. 

That is our work for now it's going great and we are finding people and having miracles. Like the other day we were riding our bikes to an appointment and we got stopped at a red light. I  saw this guy waiting a cross the street and I started talking to him. I asked him "what do you believe in" and he said "do you have time that we can talk" and we stopped at the side of the road and talked and taught him and he became a new investigator. It was just a cool miracle that the Lord is preparing people and we don't have to rush quickly to and from appointments but follow the spirit for who the Lord is preparing people just like it says in D&C 61:3 :)

So a few other cool things, there is a leadership training tomorrow and we are hosting it here in Firenze, so we have to do some stuff for that. Oh also they have a subway here in Firenze. The only place in Italy that I've seen one. So I had to raid in it  last week. It was the first  time in a year and a half and I'm taking it again today. Also it's so easy to find mountain dew here I love it! haha anyways just know that I'm doing great and I'm excited to start working with the youth, pray for me, I love you all.

Love Anziano Glowa

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