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I love being a missionary !!!!

MARCH 14th, 2014

This week went, by quick. I like how you talked about the story of Naaman in the old Testament. I loved his faith about bathing 7 times. We actually learned about the importance of numbers. As you may or may not know in the European missions there is a promise by an Apostle that if you get 20 lessons weekly,our baptisms will double. So we talk a lot of how numbers are everything but nothing at the same time. We don't go teaching 20 lessons for the numbers but to help those people. It's like Naaman that had to bath 7 times, it's not the number 7 that matters, it's just what was asked of him. Like Peter denying Christ 3 times and then Christ asking him 3 times if he loved him, giving him 3 times to repent and say that he loves Him. In the scriptures numbers are important but sometimes we forget that it's not so much about the numbers. It's what's behind the number in this case like I said it's not our job to teach lessons but to teach people, we need to look for those people not those lessons, anyway thanks for sharing that with me :)

Today i bought 14 ties, they are soooo legit and look so awesome I bargained with the guy and he gave them to me for £2 a piece. You won't find a better price in all of Italy, I'm super tight with the guy so when we come back to Firenze ill show you where to buy cheep ties, and just because they are £2 doesn't mean they suck, they are top of the line, made in Italy, not some Chinese made stuff :)

So I'll give a run down of our investigators...

MICHELE- He's a man in his 60s who has suffered with depression for 20 years and wants to make a change in his life and has a baptismal date for the 7th of April. We had some trouble having him progress, but he's doing way better. We just found out that the medicine that he takes causes his brain to be empty. So he doesn't remember things he reads in the book or Mormon or the things we teach don't always stick in. But he's way cool so we made a program with him of reading only 5 verses a day and just keep reading them until he understands and its been working, and he has learned to say more sincere prayers, he's way cool :)

XIOMARA-  Is a 16 year old girl whose parents won't let her get baptized. So we had a fast and invited her to be baptized the 7th of April and we will be doing a weekly fast asking her parents to change their hearts. She's way cool and all she wants to do is get baptized. It's against rules to ask you to fast with us so I can't do that, but just keep her in your prayers. she will get baptized.

JESSICA-  Is a 24 year old woman who got married to an Italian 5 years ago, she's american. She's way open and cool and wants to learn more, she just has a great desire and just a real honest person. 

SAMUEL- Is a referral from a new convert. We invited him to baptism for the 7th of April but we haven't met him lately so we will have to move his date.

We have other potentials that will become more legit if we can meet with them this week, so we will let you know also we have some referrals from members. The work is just blooming with the warm weather, we just need to meet theses peeps to make them legit!

Yesterday we went to Milan, every month, the zone leaders all over the mission meet at the mission home for something called "consiglio". All 7 zones get together (14 missionaries) the APs and the travelling APs which are like assistance but they travel the mission going on scambi with other missionaries to train them. So in all it's a meeting at Presidents house with the leaders, its soo cool and they feed us, it's soooo good. All the zone leaders are  my good friends in the mission, its just so much fun. So yesterday we got taught on how to help our zones and how we need to be the best example and everything which is cool because just about all of us are getting 20 lessons a week or more. So the work is just going to explode as we continue to lead with example. I'm just sooooo pumped! I love Firenze, I love the mission and I love being a missionary, I almost don't want to come home ever, because this is what I'm good at. I don't know what I'll do when I get home... haha go out with the missionaries I guess :) 


Anyways just know that I'm doing well. I love my mission and I'm working hard. I just want to baptize and help people so much!! I love working, it's not easy and Satan tries to tell me that I don't want to but I do and I love doing it so much! The mission has changed me I mean I know I'm the same but I'm different, does that make sense? Anyway I love you all thanks for writing me, also please thank the Gagnons. I got the Christmas package they sent me thank them very much and give them a huge hug from me.... thanks !

Love Anziano Glowa

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