Friday, March 2, 2012

I'm going to FLORENCE!!!!!!!

FEBRUARY 29th, 2012

 I have something huge to tell you, so this transfer was only 5 weeks because next week President Wolfgramm has to go to a mission president conference. So he did transfers early which means it was transfers this week... And the Lord has called me to be a Zone Leader, but not just anywhere. You're never going to believe this but I'm going to FLORENCE!!!!!!!  Can you believe that!!!??? I'm so pumped and excited, I leave tomorrow. I go to Milan and from there I go to Firenze(Florence in Italian). It's about a 3 to 4 hour train ride, my companion will be Anziano Weller. Courtney met him in San Remo last year, he's a cool guy .I was in the MTC with him he's one group older than me. Anyways so that's the huge news, I'm going to serve in one of the prettiest cities in the world!!! I'm just so excited. I'M GOING TO FIRENZE!!! The other cities in my zone that I have to visit are as follows, La Spezia, Pisa, Livorno, Siena, Prato and Pistoia and obviously Firenze!! I'm so excited it's going to be so much fun.  Its like a dream come true, everyone wants to go serve there but I actually get to :) haha anyways I'm not trying to be prideful I'm just excited!

Hey so I had a pretty good week, lots of work work work...

Friday we were trying to contact as many people as possible and we found this guy named Arshed Mohamed haha. Well he's Muslim .So we talked to him and he was really open and I offered a book of Mormon in his language which is ordo or something like that, and so we made an appointment for the next day to give him the book of Mormon.

The next day was Carnavale ( carnival) which is like Halloween, everyone dresses up, there confetti and rides and parade and food and candy and everything. Anyways Centro was packed and I mean packed and I thought it was going to be impossible to find Arshed Mohammed. But we called him and he was there like he promised and we gave him the book of Mormon. He said he would read it. We felt we needed to invite him to church...I didn't think he would come so the invite went something like this..."if you want to come to church, you're invited, this is the address" and he was like yeah I'll come tomorrow... Anyway we didn't think anything about it. Then we had an appointment with Winsin it was about the restoration. He's interested but he's always saying things like  "I don't have time" anyways he said he would come to church so we were pretty pumped for him to come.

On Sunday, at 10:30 we got a phone call and  I thought it was going to be Winsin but it was Arshed Mohammed haha. He came to church and Winsin didn't! haha. The person we didn't think was going to come came, haha He came in for sacrament meeting and answered his phone during the sacrament prayer it was so embarrassing but he came haha it was really funny, we had a good Sunday besides that, working hard and all that,

On Monday we went to Varese for d-meeting, at 11:05 we got a call from president, my companion anziano Mitchell answered the phone, and pres said he wanted to talk to me. It was nothing epic he just said that he was calling me to be a zone leader in Firenze and just gave me some expectations like how to be a zone leader. He said  you need to be an example in finding, teaching, baptizing and in obedience, everything I already know but anyway that was it.

Sorry I'm not writing more, I don't have that much time, but I'm soooo excited to go to Firenze.

Anyways all in all I'm sad to leave Busto because I wasn't there very long, but lets be serious here I'm going to friggen Firenze haha. I'm going to get soooooo many ties! Anyways that's not what's important. I'm going to do the Lords work there and to baptize a heck of a lot! I I love you all and I'm so grateful for the support I get.

Love Anziano Glowa

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