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First week in Firenze

MARCH 7th, 2012


Wow, let me just tell you how busy I feel all the time!!! haha It seems like we are always doing something and have no time for anything, some how we were able to get 20 lessons but we haven't had ANY time to do finding work together let me explain...

THURSDAY-I got to Firenze at around 4. It was a 4 hour train ride or something like that. Anyway there were 8 elders in Firenze but 2 companionships closed and one of sisters opened, so we are now 4 elders and 2 sisters in the zone. There are 2 branches of about 60 people in each maybe more and the sisters are in our branch which is called Firenze 1. So we get home and I bring in all my bags Before I got there there were 4 missionaries living there, so 3 of them left and I came in. So lets just say the place was a super gross... and I've learned something on the mission, if your home is dirty, you can't feel the spirit. So it was worth taking a few hours to clean it so that we could have the spirit to guide and direct us. Anyway we were just about to start cleaning when we get a call from the sisters that their apartment was super dirty and there pillows were gross and didn't have sheets. Anyway long story short we had to go over, because we are zone leaders we are able to go into the sisters apartment with them there to investigate the place. Let me tell you, it wasn't half as dirty as ours, our pillows were 10000 times grosser and the sheets wasn't such a big deal anyway to make this short. We spent 3 hours, helping the sisters deal with their problem because we had sheets so we had to go all the way home and back again so we did that 4 times there back there and back and it takes 15 mins on bike just to get there. Anyway so that took forever and then we didn't even get to clean our apartment ... Also as zone leaders we have to make a zone vision for the zone and present it by Monday so we had to do that. We are doing 8 this transfer... so many!! Anyway we just had time to start thinking about the vision we wanted,.... long day but way fun, I LOVE ANZIANO WELLER, he's just like my trainer and I LOVE MY TRAINER. We are just such good friends  Anziano Weller and I and we just want to serve and work hard.

FRIDAY & SATURDAY-I don't remember exactly how everything went but we had to run a bunch of errands and make our zone vision and clean the apartment and everything! We got just about all that done with, I like cleaning it helps me think and I like the environment I create! :) Also dishes don't really bother me, so watch out Courtney I'll just be cleaning and washing dishes all the time! hahaha I'm sure you have no problem with that ;)

SUNDAY- We went to church and it was awesome. I bore testimony introduced myself .  We came home and had to finished our weekly planning and on top of having to make a vision for the zone we have to have our person vision...long story short, we didn't get the chance to leave our apartment...but everything is finally done, thank goodness now we can focus. 

MONDAY- We presented our vision to the district and then I had my first scambi as a zone leader. I went to the other part of town in Firenze 2 with Anziano Hess. It's only his second transfer,he's  just a fire ball. I was able to lead by example in casa, street contacting and teaching. I'm proud that the Lord can trust me in a zone leader position. I was happy to able to help this missionary grow, also I learned alot from him too. When you are so old in the mission you just get stuck doing things the same way. He was able to help me change and even do things better, it was a great scambi. My comp Anziano Weller stayed in our zone with Anziano Kimball who was my zone leader 2 transfers ago when I was in Busto.

TUESDAY- I never got to were I wanted to go , so we re-scambied and then we went to another district meeting to present our zone vision and do another scambi (yeah I haven't been home since Monday morning, my first week as zone leader and I do 2 scambi so awesome!) We went to Pisa. So we had district meeting and for the scambi I stayed with Anziano Hardy (Courtney you meet him in Treviso, he was the younger missionary, do you remember him) He's way cool we had a blast, he's not much younger then me in the mission. So I didn't have to  train him or anything we just really worked together and were both really good examples. It was a fun time, and because we were working and I'm 100% obedient, I didn't go take pictures with the leaning tower of Pisa... but I did see it and it's sooo amazing, so awesome to actually see it in person.

WEDNESDAY-my comp came back to Pisa so we could re-scambi and because today in pday we are able to take pictures so we did today, so no worries I got pictures and I would send a bunch home but I DON'T HAVE MY USB.....UMMM I WONDER IF THERE IS ANYONE AT HOME WHO COULD HELP ME WITH THIS PROBLEM.....COUGH COUGH HINT HINT..... anyway it was way fun

We have awesome investigators, I'll go through them quickly...

-Michele has a bap date for the 17 of March.

-Xiomara (pronounced sea-oh-marra) is a 16 year old girl whose parent's wont let her get baptized. We just set a date for her for the 7th of April, and we are going to do everything to help her parents say yes.

Those are our 2 baptismal dates. We have other potentials and the work is just going to well here. I didn't really talk about the lessons we taught this week and I'm sorry I just talked about the things I had to get done, I'll talk about the week better next week.

I just wanted to comment on dad's question if we have a car and if i drive...we don't have a car, we are on bike, YEAH! but if I was in car I wouldn't be able to drive...BECAUSE MY DRIVERS LICENSE IS EXPIRED....I WISH THERE WAS SOMEONE AT HOME THAT COULD HELP ME........COUGH COUGH HINT HINT...... 

Anyways I love you all and I hope you have a great week, I'm going to explain my zone vision to Courtney in letter form so you will hear about it its sooooo great. I'm so pumped to just help everyone and to BAPTIZE HERE!!!!

P.S. all my missionary friends like Anziano Bolnick and Anziano Dunshee got home last Friday, Courtney add them on facebook and tell them if you can, that I love them! :) 

I love you all

Love Anziano Glowa

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