Friday, March 2, 2012

All in all I'm working hard, I'm loving my mission and miracles will come,

FEBRUARY 22nd ,2012


So this week was interesting...right now we have no progressing investigators and we dropped Mary, it's not as bad as it sounds and I'm not crushed. It just means we have to do a lot of finding work this week to find legit peeps! Oh how I love finding work, I really do love it.  I was talking to the bishop and I kind of made a comment to him about how I'm sorry that I haven't baptized since I've been here. And he just like took me by the shoulder and was like Anziano, just because you haven't baptized doesn't mean you're not working. I know your working hard, and it means a lot to me.  It was just nice to hear that the bishop sees that I'm working hard, and he understands that it's not how many baptisms you have but its your dedication to finding, teaching and baptizing. It's your dedication to do those things, not the actual number, and I'm understanding that more and more in my missionary work with everyday that passes.

Anyway back about the work, we have some investigators that are pretty cool, but they just don't commit themselves to meet with us. Like I'll give you an example, we have referral we got a while back and we have met him once so far. He's so cool, He's a south American who's 29 years old, his friend's on a mission. But he just always says stuff like I'll see you at church, last Sunday he didn't come. Then after church my comp and I  saw that we had 5 missed calls. My comp had the phone and it was on silent. It turns out that we didn't see him but he did in-fact come to church. He was outside and couldn't find the building... So we called him and wanted to set a meeting with him ,he just couldn't commit to a day or time. Anyway all of our investigators was like that, so this week we are on the finding train just look for those elect people that we don't have to drag to church or to meet with us but we can draw them, anyway that's what we're doing.

Miracle of the week has to do with this guy named Valentino. First let me just say I love ward parties talking to people and seeing who's members and who's not. This story goes back a little bit to my first week at Busto at the Christmas party. Keep in mind it's my first week, even before church so I have NO idea who's members and what not. But I still had a fun time talking to people and what not. Then I start talking to Daniele and his cousin Valentino. Now Daniele is a member and Valentino's not, but to fix the confusion I just asked straight out, are you members here? I don't know anyone! Then they explained that Daniele was a member and Valentino wasn't. Anyway that night I made friends with Valentino just getting to know him talk to him about church and stuff, he's a cool guy. I told  we needed  to talk to him more some time, he agreed. Fast forward to about 6 weeks ago, we go with Daniele and Valentino for a lesson.Daniele tells me to meet him at the church so I'm pumped I'm thinking we are going to have a sweet lesson at the church. It turns out they just wanted to pick us up and go around centro talking....Not what we had in mind, but we found out way more about Valentino and about how he's read the new testament. How he's confused about if there's a God  and how to get answers from prayers. So we talked to him about Joseph Smith. It's super powerful and then  we told him that we needed to teach him more things. He said that was fine and to  just call him up. Nothing happened for about 4 weeks and then Daniele gave his cousin a Book of Mormon with his testimony in it. So now we are at what happened last Friday... We get picked up, (I already had thought we weren't going to the church) We ended up going to this sweet place to eat called old wild west, anyway it was awesome. Valentino had so many questions and we were just guided by the spirit and after ever response we gave, he would say that's what I needed to hear. Or he would say  that's so interesting. He had a lot of questions like is there a God? and  how do you know? We didn't just respond with  pray and read, but we were just guided by the spirit in the way we answered his questions. We even talked to him about baptism and how if he knew these things were true he would follow it by getting baptized and he said  of course. It was such a good lesson but this is the best part, he agreed to meet us at his cousin's house. We will finally be meeting with him and giving him a discussion. We don't know when we will start, but its just great progress. He just wanted to get to know us first and make things casual but now he's like so when will we meet our anziani at your house (talking to Daniele) anyways it was awesome

All in all I'm working hard, I'm loving my mission and miracles will come, this week will be fun with finding work, please pray that we will have success, I love you all and im so grateful for you!, 

Did you get my pictures I sent last week? Anyways also I did a scambi with Anziano Higgs, we are such great friends and he's sooo cool, I really love that guy, he's like one of those guys that you meet on the mission and you know you'll be friends forever :) 

Love you all have a great week

Anziano Glowa

p.s Tell Courtney that Anziano Higgs has a girlfriend named, Kiersten Knobloch, ask her to add her on facebook if she hasn't already. Also when she add her just send a small message to her telling her that your boyfriend is on the mission with her boyfriend and we're best friends :)

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