Saturday, May 5, 2012

We had probably the biggest miracle ever yesterday.

April 11,2012

hey my family,

How are you all doing?? I miss ya'll so much!!! I cant believe about dad, I'm so happy for him. I know that you'll do great dad, I wish I was there and I could support you :) You don't need a young men's president, but if you did you would know where to look ;) haha  I'll give you one piece of advice, and that is to let the missionaries know that you love them, invite them over and be involved in there work. Its made the difference of my mission when I would get a call from the bishop asking if there was anything I could do for them, or how they were doing. Invite them over for dinner, make sure they are allowed because you don't want them to be disobedient. But I would say if you get in with the missionaries, they will do anything for you and that will help them branch a lot. I like how you want to focus with the less actives and that all ties in with using the missionaries. That is my advice go far and beyond what the missionaries expect of you and you will find they will do the same for you. Like I said its made the difference when my bishops didn't just see me as a missionary but as someone they could work with. I hope that makes sense, if not I can clarify next week.  Its weird that no one goes to Lasalle Ward anymore... its all about the YSA haha I don't know how long Courtney and I will be in the YSA when I get home ;) haha so use her while you still can :P 

My missionary work is going well, I'm very good at balancing my Calling with my missionary work. They don't conflict at all, so no worries. I'm not getting stressed or anything, the Lord knows me and knows that I'm capable :) I'm having so much fun though, there is this young man named Bruno, he's such a cool kid. He wants to go on a mission, the only thing is he plays b-ball, Sunday or Saturdays, and has practice every Wednesday, so for sure he cant come to mutual, and he'll be able to come to church every once and a while, but he has such a good heart. His ball is done in June so its not that much longer. I actually had Easter with him. I had Easter at the Boschi family, they have a son named Gabry, one of my favourite youth of all time! He reminds me of me when I was 16. He's best friends with the missionaries, its kinda how things were when Elder Merrell and Gould were here, anyways we and Bruno went there with his mom because Gabry and Bruno are best friends. Bruno came to church that morning and blessed the sacrament also.  I love the youth I feel so close to them and tonight we have mutual with them we will be diving straight into Duty to God, there is a new manual, its a good thing i know how to read in Italian, haha. I had to read it to find out how the new booklet works, so we will go over it. I know I completed it when I was a youth because of the push you gave me. I dont think these kids have that same push so to start them off and get them excited about it, we will do it every week for 20-30 mins at the start of every mutual. That way I can help and answer questions and they can see that if they do that they will complete it :) So we will do that and then I am going to teach them how to give a short explanation of the book of Mormon and we will do some role plays, like if I friend goes to their house and they see a book of Mormon they will know how to explain in simply and clearly. I LOVE MY CALLING!!!

Now to talk about the reason I came to Italy, my missionary work. We had probably the biggest miracle ever yesterday...we got a call from this guy named Danilo, he is the ex-boyfriend of a member named Ester. Anyways Danilo has been coming to church but never wants to meet with us, yesterday he called us and said, Anziani I need to meet with you, its regarding my baptism, I want to be baptized! Anyways we don't know if he's doing it for Ester or because he wants to be closer to God, but whatever it is we will help him be ready and get baptized for the right reasons. So we are meeting with him tonight so you'll find out more about that next week.  We are still working with Stefano and Catia and they have such strong testimonies! We taught them the Plan of Salvation and they both said that this was there favourite thing of all the religions because it just makes sense :) They are awesome, they "have" a date for the 14th but it wont happen. They are still living together non married, we are meeting with them Thursday to explain Chastity and that they either get married or move out, or they cannot get baptized, and they want to get baptized. I think Catia more then Stefano but they both want it. Other then that we are teaching this new guy named Femmy, he's from Nigeria. He's not like other Nigerians haha he knows English, Italian, and Russian fluently and knows Japanese, he is studying business and will be going to Canada to get his masters and he also has a job anyways he is very educated. He is 32 and was studying medicine before then but didn't like it so he changed, he is so cool. He has a date for the 5th of May, he accepted, and we prayed at the end of our first visit and he said it, the spirit was so strong he got freaked out. He kept saying, I've never felt like this before... it was awesome. He already believe that Joseph Smith was a prophet its awesome. We are contacting people and trying to set up appointments, we are teaching 20 lessons weekly, and working hard, I love the mission. 

I love you my family have a great week, know you are always in my prayers! 

Love Anziano Glowa

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