Saturday, May 5, 2012

My life is going great, our investigators are doing so well,

April 26,2012

My life is going great, our investigators are doing so well, 

DANILO- has almost just about quit smoking, he smokes like 1 everyone like 3 days or something. He's doing great, we moved his baptism to the 11th of May because there is an activity on the 12th. He's on the path, and he's going strong, he has been prepared so well, he just understands everything so well and just studies more then I've ever seen.

FRANCESCA- she has been receiving answers left, right and centre, she reads the book of Mormon everyday. I asked her how she feels when she reads it she said its like cotton all around her and that waves are inside of her... If that's not an answer I don't know what is haha. She knows she needs to be baptized, she's having a war with her heart and mind...her heart says yes and her mind has doubts like her parents and family and stuff like that... but she is just so amazing!! 

Those are our most progressing investigators. I don't know if I've told you a lot about one of my most favourite families on the mission the Boschi family. Sister Boshi is amazing and her 16 year old son Gabry is awesome. He reminds me of when I was with Elder Merrell and Gould. He is just soooo awesome, yesterday for pday we had such a good time together. He has such a strong testimony and is just so strong. Sister Boschi is separated from her husband and she is just such a great example of personal strength. I love them soooo much!!! You'll be able to talk to them on mothers day because we will be doing the phone call at her house. she speaks English very well and I would love for you to talk with her a little haha, she is just amazing! 

Other then that, we have been working hard, with being zone leaders to being the young men's presidency haha . Life just doesn't get better!! I love my mission so much, if I could give one piece of advice to the youth it would be to SERVE A MISSION. Here I thought I would be going to help so many people. I am doing that, but I didn't know how much I WOULD grow. Or how much the mission was for ME, I don't know what I would do without the mission or where I'd be, I'm so grateful for this mission, I love the Lord and I love my mission 

I'm sorry my email isn't longer I know I've been slacking. Just know that I'm trying my best, haha. And know that I'm working hard, and that I love serving the Lord. The mission is the best thing that has ever happened to me... I love this church, and I KNOW THAT ITS TRUE! I know that Joseph Smith saw God the Father and Jesus Christ face to face and I know that through Joseph Smith they restored their church. I love this work and I can't express more then that. I know I am a servant of Jesus Christ and I am an instrument in His hands. I love that song, I'm trying to be like Jesus, its so humbling to be a representative of Him. I represent Jesus Christ, I put His name on my chest everyday, He is my Lord and my Master and I will never stop. I will never stop, He's done so much for me, the most I can do for Him is to NEVER STOP! I love this church with all my heart and I grateful for you and the examples you've given me, I LOVE YOU SOOO MUCH!!!
and I say this in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen

I love you family, you're the best,

Love ANziano Glowa

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