Saturday, May 5, 2012

Amazing things are happening here,

April 18th,2012

Hey my family!!

How are is everyone doing?? I'm doing great! dad is sounds like things are going good with your new calling, I'm so proud of you :)

I don't have too much time sorry, but amazing things are happening here, I won't be surprised if we baptize 3 to 4 people this next transfer.

First off anziano Weller and I are staying the same I'm so happy I prayed that we would. And I found out, that anziano Mitchell my last companion is going to Pisa so I'll be able to do scambi with him.

I'll tell you about our legit investigators

FRANCESCA- a 27 year old Italian girl, from Ancona but is living here in Firenze, she needed a place to stay and found out that the famiglia Boschi (Gabrys house) had room. So when we went over we met her and they referred us to her. She is sooooo elect, she has a friend that served a mission and a few friends are members of the church, anyways she came to church last Sunday and we have taught her the restoration and the book of Mormon and last night we taught her again. It was one of the most spiritual lessons on my mission. We wanted to establish our purpose, how do you do that, invite to baptism haha so thats what we did. First its important to note that Francesca is very sensitive to the spirit and has already said things like "when I walk into the Boschi home I just have a good feeling" and then she also said "when you guys come over or when I talk to you(us the missionaries) I feel good energy". Anyways so we started the lesson by talking about that and then read Alma 7:11-14, every sentence she read she was like "wow" and then she started to shake, the spirit was so thick, we invited her to baptism and she agreed. We just asked her if she wanted to feel like this always, we didn't give her a date, we asked her to pray about it and we will talk about it on Friday. We had sorella Boschi who is like a mother to me I love her. You will get to talk to her on mothers day :) sorella Boschi talked about her conversion and it just helped Francesca know that it was the right thing, it wasn't awkward. Talking about baptism I mean, and now she's going to get baptized and she knows our purpose. She is one of the cooler investigators I've had, im excited.

DANILO- he is the ex-boyfriend of one of the members I told you he called us asked to meet with us. He could get baptized, he is amazing, he reads the book of Mormon with the student manual, he has all the LDS apps on his ipad haha and he has a date for baptism for the 12th of May, he is soooo LEGIT!!! we are teaching him again tonight

STEFANO AND CATIA- we set the law, they have to get married or not live together to get baptized, the ball is in their court. Catia has expressed to us that she knows that this is the road for her. Stefano says he hasn't goten an answer yet but we all think he has he just doesn't want to say he has. We have to find out what his true problem, is.

Those are our legit, we have other that we have meet with and its too early where things will take us but those 4 people i just talked about are sooo legit, especially Francesca who we met last Friday not even a week haha and Danilo! 

Now about the young men, you can tell Patrick that we have frustrating young men here too haha  But I really feel like we are making progress, we have about 5 active youth and we are working to re-activate 3 they are all awesome. We don't have mutual tonight because we have an activity on Saturday, we are going to this mountain to play capture the flag. It should be fun the young women are coming too. Things are just gong great, new transfer, I'm just pumped to get things done and to baptize its been a while... but I'm stoked. 

Also I love getting packages but customs are so expensive, they take the money off of our church card... anyways they are asking parents to not send packages but to just give us money, because if you buy  60 dollars worth of stuff and then it costs 60$ to send it here and then 60$ in customs, you can just put 200$ on my card and i can get stuff here. It makes sense and I'm coming home soon anyways so I can wait to have candy and such, like for my birthday just give me money so I can buy like shoes and a suit and stuff I love you guys! :)

I love you all, I know that Christ lives, I love putting the name of Christ on everyday, its so humbling to think that I represent him. I love my mission, which brings me to my next point...I will be extending, I have goten spiritual confirmation, the only thing that would stop me is if President thinks it would be better if I go home, which would only happen if me staying would make the mission odd numbers. It would only be for one transfer so I would come home the 15th of November. I love this work, its the best and I know we will all get blessings because of this I love you so much. Just know I want to extend, I feel its what the Lord wants me to do, and I feel if I didn't i would regret it and if I stay there are no regrets so I'm going to stay :) I love you all 

Love Anziano Glowa

PS Happy Birthday Ashley !!! I wish you were still living there when I got home !!!

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