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Conference was amazing!!

April 6, 2012

Hey my family!!

So Conference was amazing!! Unfortunately I didn't bring my notes so I don't know what to tell you. Obviously I have the speakers I liked a lot like Anziano Bednar, and I loved Anziano Oaks. President Uchtdorf's there are just so many, I took notes like always. Dang I'm grateful that you taught Jason and I to talk notes. There were missionaries who just wouldn't take notes... how are you going to remember if you don't take notes... Anyways I'm grateful I did :) Everything has really changed for me, like conference for example. I could watch conference forever! or listen to other talks or firesides. It used to be like after church the tv is one, but I'm going to make the goal for myself that I try not to watch tv on Sundays. To do more productive things like listen to talks or read my scriptures more thoughtfully, and things like that. Its weird how I'm the same person but I'm also different, does that make sense? I've also made other goals for myself that I'm going to do to ensure that I keep the spirit as I do on the mission. Because if I don't have a plan I'll just go back to how i was before. Which isn't the worst but I feel like that's not something I want to do. Like get ready for when I get home because I don't care what you do we are reading the book of Mormon and praying everyday together. If we have to wake up at 5 in the morning to do it we're doing it :P haha I have other goals, like FHE, not just like going to see a movie but like real, good messages :) I have a list of things that I am going to put into practise to make the transition from missionary to RM smooth :) I LOVE THE GOSPEL!!!!

The young men are doing well, I need to change things around, no one came to YMS last Wednesday night, except for Gabri. One of my favourite youth I've meet on the mission. He's 16, he reminds me of myself. He's soo awesome!! Hahahah !! We have about 5 active youth and about 4 that we need to work on that just aren't motivated, but things are going to change. I've already called all the parents of the active parents hounding them to push their children to come and telling them that we have mutual now and the time that we have it so we will see how many people come.  This Sunday I have to prepare a lesson for them, I'm just excited to get the ball rolling and to show the kids that its different then the past. Before they never had mutual, they didn't do anything, like I experienced once, but I'm going to make sure that things get done and things change! These young men will go on missions!

The week went slowly, my comp was still sick for the later part of the week and then we did a blitz at Prato. Then we stayed there and watched conference, it was awesome! Then Monday we had district meeting and then had to plan for the week and then we went to visit one of our less active youth. He's soooo awesome his name is Bruno. He's 17 and his problem is basketball every Sunday and every Tuesday Wednesday and Friday so he doesn't have time. He's born in the church and has a testimony when we went over and shared a message, he had his book of Mormon open reading and answering questions. He's just let basketball take over his life, which isn't the worst, but also isn't the best, he finished in June. But before then we are planning on moving mutual on to Thursdays if all works out with other kids and he doesn't play ball every Sunday just most and then he's too tired to go to church... but I feel we started things off well for him and we will continue to work with him, he will serve a mission. 

As for our investigators. 

XIOMARA- will not be baptized due to parents... but the Lord has a plan for all his children, we will be patient, and continue to try and work with the situation, I have faith that she will get baptized, it may not be when we want but it will be when the Lord needs her to be baptized.

STEFANO & CATIA- are sooo legit but couldn't come to conference and they just are busy with work all the time. We can't meet with them as often as we want and they are still not married, they wont be getting baptized the 14th but I know they are progressing, they read the book of Mormon like 3 times a day, morning lunch and dinner, haha they are so awesome, 

Other then that we have a bunch of contacts that we are trying to make appointments with and now that we are both health again we will be able to go out and baptize everyone!

I am so grateful for my mission, I love my mission with all my heart, and I'm honoured to wear the Saviours name on my chest everyday. I think that will be the hardest thing to do is take off the tag for the last time... my mission means everything to me. Thing I heard that I like a lot is, the mission is the best 2 years FOR my life, instead of the best 2 years of my life.... It's true to mission shapes everything and I feel like I said before I'm different. I hope that's okay but I feel like its a good change. I'm so grateful for you guys and that you taught me to prepare to serve. I'm so grateful for that, I see missionaries who are here because it was a last  choice, they don't know the scriptures, or even why they are where. It's great that they are here and learning and growing but I feel so grateful that I made the decision to serve when I was so young. I've been truly blessed to come here and to learn so much more and to grow my testimony. With the testimony that I have now makes me feel like i didn't even have one before. That's how much its grown haha. I'm so grateful for the Saviour and for his love for us, we must follow His example and love each other as He loves us.  I love you all so much and just know that I'm giving these last 6 months everything I have because iI know that's what Heavenly Father would have me do. I love you guys have a great week :)

Love Anziano Glowa

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